About the Very Normal Festival

What is the Very Normal Festival?

The Very Normal Festival is, essentially, the comedy festival equivalent of a concept album. The Very Normal Festival itself exists in its own theatrical universe, a show within a show where its hosts/producers Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters strive to put on the most exceedingly normal, straight-laced comedy variety show they can under the most abnormal of circumstances. Despite their best efforts to gain and maintain control of their show, their acts and their creative team alike introduce entropy at every possible turn over the course of the three day event. It is, quite simply, the comedy festival America needs to close out the most abnormal year in history: 2020.

What sorts of acts are you looking for?

We are seeking submissions from acts across the comedy and variety spectrum, from bits to characters to solo performance to improv to work that defies categorization. Essentially, if you have ever had an idea for a show or a bit but have thought to yourself, “I have no idea where I would put this up,” the answer is probably this festival. Stand-alone bits and full-length performances alike are most welcome, but we would really love to weave your submissions into our central conceit and make them interactive–both with us, your fellow performers, and with our online audience. We are seeking to depart from the traditional festival format of a series of unconnected, discrete performances, and are instead looking to build a world with an arc and a plot over the course of our three-day online event, with you as our cast. Think of it, basically, like the Muppet Show of comedy festivals. 

Where and when is the festival?

The Very Normal Festival will take place online over three nights, from Thursday, December 10 through Saturday, December 12. Performances will take place over Zoom and be streamed to Twitch, Facebook, and other online streaming platforms. Time slots last anywhere from a few minutes to 25 minutes, depending on the conceit.

What can performers expect from the festival?

Performers can expect a positive, community-focused experience managed and curated by two experienced producers who pay attention to details and care very much about putting their performers in position to succeed.

More specifically, performers can also expect T-shirts.