About the Very Normal Festival

What is the Very Normal Festival?

Ahoy! The Very Normal Festival is the creation of the Commodore, that benevolent titan of America’s inland waterways, who has charged his two trusted stewards with producing and hosting the most normal comedy festival that has ever existed, as a fitting bon voyage to this most normal of years. His trusted stewards, comedians Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters, have worked long and hard to assemble a very normal lineup of performers, in hopes of delivering the sort of above-board online comedy festival that the Commodore requires and the world deserves. Everything is fine!

Where and when is the festival?

The Very Normal Festival will take place online over four nights, from Wednesday, December 9 through Saturday, December 12. Performances will take place over Zoom and be streamed to Twitch at twitch.tv/countdownimprov, as well as to Facebook and other online streaming platforms.

How much does it cost to watch?

Thanks to generous subsidies from the Commodore, there is no charge to watch the Very Normal Festival on Twitch or Facebook. We will, however, be selling a limited number of VIP tickets that, for $10 each, will grant entrance into the Zoom room with the performers.