The Very Normal Festival, under the auspices of the Commodore, is excited to announce the exceedingly regular roster of acts that will be performing in our inaugural festival.


Tom Achilles (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Ali and Dash Do a Thing (Miami, Fla.)
American Girl Horror Story (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
And Your Host, Dash (Miami, Fla.)
Apollo 12 (Phoenix, Ariz.)

A.R.M.S.: Apocalypse Relaxation for Mental Soothing (Madison, Wis.)
Bless And (Miami, Fla.)
Charlotte Brown (Orlando, Fla.)
Call Time with Maple Sunday (Washington, D.C.)

CatBird (Delray Beach, Fla.)
Cher the Love (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
[CMD] Run: improvV4.ERROR (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
COVEN: The Covening (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
COVID-Free Cribs (Bangkok, Thailand)

Cuckoo for Haiku (Tampa, Fla.)
DaBoyz n DaDogz (West Palm Beach, Fla.)
Disney Princess Zoom Call (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
Doggington S. Wanderson (Washington, D.C.)
Dorsey/Zárate (Austin, Texas)

Dramatic Readings from Nextdoor App (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Ethan Feldman (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Fifty & Shitty! (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Five Minute Late Night Show (Delray Beach, Fla.)

Florida Man (Chicago, Ill.)
Friends with Benefits Get Weird(er) (West Palm Beach, Fla.)
From the Files of the Urbane Detective Agency (Phoenix, Ariz.)
From the Heart with Jill and Jackie (Oakland, Calif.)
Guess Which Drive-Thru (St. Petersburg, Fla.)

Heart Hearth Craft Corner (Madison, Wis.)
Heart to Heart with Vanessa (San Diego, Calif.)
Houseboat (Washington, D.C.)
Chris Hudson Does Jokes (Portland, Ore.)
I Have Questions (Corona, N.Y.)

Improvised Married at First Sight (Miami, Fla.)
I’m With Her (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Just a Few Quick Notes (Harpoon) (Chicago, Ill.)
Karaoke Boy (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Kevin Shaves His Beard while City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold Plays in the Background (St. Petersburg, Fla.)

The Learning Corner (Madison, Wis.)
Los Improviachis (Chicago, Ill.)
LD Madera Magic (Miami, Fla.)
Made-up Songs about Famous People (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
Miniature Giant (Delray Beach, Fla.)

My 4 Dads (San Antonio, Texas)
Casey J. Newman (The Villages, Fla.)
The Michael Newman Show (Long Island City, N.Y.)
Ole Half Pint Baldwin (St. Petersburg, Fla.)
Perfect Harmony (Miami, Fla.)

Taylor Plas (New York, N.Y.)
Pledge Night at Phi Omega Omega (Seattle, Wash.)
Rat Kween (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Dylan Rohde (Omaha, Neb.)
Rubber Moses: Doom Scrolling (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Serious Falls, FL Virtual Improv Workshop (Tampa, Fla.)
The Shadows (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Shawn Wickens’s One-Man “Bob Seger” Tribute Band (New York, N.Y.)
ShuffleProv (Dallas, Texas)
Stay Tied by the Campfire (Boca Raton, Fla.)
Steven Steiner (San Francisco, Calif.)

Stuck At Home Comedy Show (Tucson, Ariz.)
Sweet Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)
Taco Night (Baltimore, Md.)
Terry Thigpen’s Racy Christian Stand Up Comedies (Austin, Texas)
The Bro Prince and Chicken (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

Tiel Night Live: With Musical Guest TBA (St. Louis, Mo.)
Topsy Terve (Tucson, Ariz.)
Valerie Tosi (San Francisco, Calif.)
Two Old Women (New York, N.Y.)
Unconsciously Coupled (Sarasota, Fla.)

Very AUsome Comedy Show (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Very Interesting Interview with Mort Weinberg and his Granddaughter Rachel (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Visionary Speaks (Detroit, Mich.)
Weezer Wizard (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Wisconsin Ghost Trip (Richmond, Va.)

Woody Allen in A Row Boat (New York, N.Y.)
You’s a Fool (Atlanta, Ga.)