Ole Half-Pint Baldwin

On a trip to one of Josh’s old stomping grounds in Tampa, Four Green Fields, he rediscovered his rowdiness and unfiltered commentary while consuming a mere half pint of Guinness. Hence, the birth of Ole Half-Pint Baldwin: A wee bit angry Scotsman who will speak his mind while answering questions and most likely make you laugh and cry and think… but not in a “being a jerk” way.

Josh Baldwin
St. Petersburg, Fla.

Show type

Live animated solo improv show


Ole Half-Pint Baldwin will perform in the 7:00 p.m. EST block on Thursday, December 10, 2020.

Watch the show on Twitch: twitch.tv/countdownimprov

Performer bio

Josh Baldwin has been improvising for 6 years starting in Tampa, Fla. at the Box Theater. He performed with several house teams at The Box and the St. Pete indie team The Escape Artisans. Now based in St. Petersburg, he has been using the abundance of time not commuting or socializing to find new ways to channel his improv using all the technology and creativity available to him during the lockdown. After a long break from performing and improv, Josh returns with some interesting ways to deliver.