Dylan Rohde’s Family-Friendly Raps

Dylan Rohde is ashamed and embarrassed that they banned him from appearing on the radio after he swore on the air that one time, and he vows that this time around all his raps will be 100 percent family friendly.

Dylan Rohde
Omaha, Neb.

Show type

Recurring bit


Dylan Rohde’s Family-Friendly Raps will perform in the 10:10 p.m. EST block on Wednesday, December 9, in the 8:30 p.m. EST block on Thursday, December 10, and in the 7:37 p.m. EST block on Saturday, December 12.

Watch the show on Twitch: twitch.tv/countdownimprov

Performer bio

Dylan Rohde is the owner of The Backline in Omaha, Nebraska.