Stay Tied by the Campfire

Picture a plastic campfire 🔥 a character and a simple story ,except his surroundings come to life. A tin of beans speaks, a log moans, and that voice in his head breaks into song.

Greg Philippi
Boca Raton, Fla.

Show type

Solo show


Stay Tied by the Campfire will perform in the 6:00 p.m. EST block on Friday, December 11, 2020.

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Performer bio

Greg’s character Dirk is excited he’s tied to the very normal campfire at the first Very Normal Festival. Greg attended high school in the Pennsylvania Dutch country where he developed an interest in witchcraft and learned to read the Tarot. Can I pull a card for you?! 

A psychic would warn Greg to never look for UFO’s nor attempt to uncover any information about UFO’s nor even to mention them. That’s why Greg is NOT speaking nor writing about the subject of UFO’s right now. Did you hear something outside?

As an improviser, Greg trained at the Second City, iOWest, Upright Citizens Brigade and iO Chicago (for musical improv). 

Greg’s interest in improv started while attending NYU’s Tish School of the Arts as a film major, and playing guitar in bands at night in NYC punk clubs such as the infamous CBGBs and Max’s Kansas City, the club where Andy Warhol held court downstairs, and where Greg incorporated elements of an interactive show into his stage antics. 

Greg is an improviser, writer, actor, and musician. While working as Director of Music for Vin Dibona Productions (America’s Funniest People, America’s Funniest Home Videos) Greg began to understand and cultivate the elements of truth in comedy that would define his interest in and philosophy for improv. 

Life Improvised; Listening Between the Lines, Greg’s first book on improv is about to be released. The book explores ways in which improv can improve your everyday life and how your everyday life can improve your work on stage. In the book, Greg uses stories from his own life to illustrate improv concepts. Readers learn how the appearance of a ghostly apparition helped Greg learn to appreciate the emotion in an improv scene’s silent moments, how a swim in the Georgia swamp became a lesson in endowing characters and how an encounter with Johnny Depp was helpful in recognizing and later creating strong opening lines.