Sponsor a show at the Very Normal Festival

Ahoy! Kelly Buttermore and Justin Peters here. The Commodore has instructed us to inform you of the opportunity to help offset some of the festival production costs by sponsoring one or more of the 80 separate shows at the 2020 Very Normal Festival.

It’s going to be fun, and we hope you’ll consider participating!

If you choose to sponsor a show, Kelly and Justin will read your name (or someone’s name, doesn’t have to be yours) and a message of your choice (within reason, don’t be a jerk) immediately preceding one of the shows in this year’s festival. We’ll say that the show is sponsored by the name you choose, and we’ll tell you exactly when to tune in to catch your moment of glory. Please, no messages that say anything negative about ships!

We’re offering two levels of sponsorship this year:

Show sponsor: For $40, get your name — or any name, really — and a message of your choice attached to one of the 80 different shows at this year’s Very Normal Festival.

Block sponsor: For $100, you can sponsor a full multi-show block. We’ll read your message before the block, after the block, and right in the middle of the block. Deluxe!

Please consider sponsoring a show at this year’s festival. All proceeds go directly into funding the festival and making it the best experience possible for our audience and performers. We greatly appreciate your support!

If you’d like to sponsor a show, please fill out the form below.

(If you don't know the name of the show, but you know the name of the performer you're interested in supporting, just put their name here and we'll match your sponsorship with their show.)
This can be your name, your business, your friend's name, your favorite Muppet... really, it's up to you.
Anything you'd like, within the general bounds of good taste and human decency. Please, nothing negative about ships!